34 45 240N 57 39 480W - 12 June

Mon 12 Jun 2006 19:23
Over the 24 hours to 1200 today (1500 UTC) we covered 182 miles.  We just hope we can keep this up.  We have not had the spinnaker up today and are again running under poled-out genoa (goosewinged).  We have good breeze - during the night we had force 6-7 but it has been mainly 5-6, still from the SW.  We have a small amount of current running against us and are being rolled around by medium sized waves.  Listening to the weather forecast last night, it sounds like we will keep these favourable conditions for the next few days, and that tropical storm Alberto will not prove a threat to us.
Last night the moon rose behind a mass of cloud, which gradually cleared.  As the veil of cloud drew back a tangerine coloured moon started to emerge.  It was a beautiful sight.  The moon gradually lightened in colour as it lifted higher above the horizon.
We have frequently seen sea birds and at night the flying fish are out.  Last night Juliet narrowly missed being hit by one while on her watch.  Today we caught a small tuna and had it reeled in to the back of the boat.  We were all talking about sushi when it gave a last desperate bid for freedom and managed to flip itself off the hook.  Gone.
So we had egg sandwiches for lunch instead, and thought of tea at Waldringfield...