Antigua - 20 March

Tue 21 Mar 2006 12:29
Yesterday we had a mass trip to Pigeon Beach, where the children played in the water for hours and the adults had a good chill out and time to chat.  Trond and Leslie from Coconut had brought a big cooler box full of beer which went down well.  They have settled in Antigua for a while and their children are in school here and very happy.  Trond has come to know Antigua really well and described the atmosphere as "mañana but without the rush" which sums the place up brilliantly.
Pip and Chloe on the way to the beach
Pigeon Beach
Today we had a fabulous sail to Nevis.  It was 54 miles of spinnaker run, sparkling water and hot, hot, hot.  Juliet really couldn't have wished for a better birthday (except it would have been nice not to have had the hangover!)  We caught a small tuna which Juliet made into sushi.  This was our first attempt at sushi and we had to try to remember the instructions given to us by Jon from Wild Alliance (in a bar after a couple of cocktails).  There definitely needs to be further work on presentation, but it tasted great, and we ate them with Blase when we arrived in Nevis.