Flores - 21 June

Wed 21 Jun 2006 18:23
After getting through the lengthy customs and immigration procedure (even though Flores is officially within the EU) we all came ashore for a walk.  We walked up the hill, through Lajes, and had aching legs very quickly. 
View of the anchorage from halfway up the hill. 
Everywhere we looked were flowers.  All the colours were so vivid.  We wondered whether our eyes were so attuned to seeing blue that anything else looked very bright.
Flowers by the roadside
Close up
Alice and Pip with an old whaling boat - dinghy dock in the background
As we walked around the town, the place felt eerily quiet.  There seemed to be no-one here.  Eventually we stopped at a bar and as we went in, we realised why there was no-one on the street.  Portugal -v- Mexico was on the television and the bar was full.  It dawned on us that the Football World Cup had started.