Tobago Cays - 12 January

Thu 12 Jan 2006 17:04
Still in Tobago Cays, although the weather has not been so good the last couple of days.  We have had gusts of 35 knots, however our anchor has held and the anchorage is not rolly, thanks to the reef protection.  Yesterday we went to Union Island for a shopping trip.  It was a great day out - Rob, Kerry, Georgia and Emma from Whitehaven came on Keoma and the sail was around 5 miles to get there.  We had a few spectacular rain showers before we left:
Heavy rain in Tobago Cays - only Whitehaven is visible behind us
The weather was clear for most of the day on Union and we anchored, then did some provisioning at the fruit & veg market.
Approaching Union Island
Fruit & veg stalls
We are now back in Tobago Cays.
Pip on the beach
Guess what Charlie has been doing in the windy conditions:
We had some excitement this morning while having coffee on some friends' boat.  An 80 footer was just passing and its engine cut out when it was directly in front of us.  The wind blew the boat sideways towards us.  We grabbed fenders and shouted at the boat boys, who came over and threw lines, but it was too late to prevent the impact.  Fortunately our friends have a bowsprit, which did exactly what it is designed to do and took the impact brilliantly.  The bowsprit then got stuck on their pushpit and we had to cut their manrails and bend the steelwork to free it.  Meanwhile the guests on the other boat just sat and watched while their crew rushed about trying to prevent total calamity!