Bermuda - 3 June

Sat 3 Jun 2006 14:52
A few days ago we were invited to a birthday party held for Will (aged 8) and Nancy (aged 3) on Wild Alliance, on a beautiful private beach.
The first job when we arrived was to remove the jellyfish that were dotted around the beach.  These were the Portugese Man O'War jellyfish that we had seen sailing a few days previously.  We could see the colours clearly when they were laid out on the beach.  Some of the tentacles were a metre long.
The beach was beautiful, although unfortunately it was not the best weather.  In the spirit of true Brits we enjoyed the rain.
Sue, Geoff, Charlie and Jon walking along the beach
At one end of the beach was the remains of a swimming pool which had been filled by the sea as the tide rose.  It had been torn apart during the last hurricane.  Here are Alice and Pip walking along the rim. 
Here is the birthday cake, which Jon is in the process of cutting up: