Keoma - 23 November

Wed 23 Nov 2005 17:45
At around 7.30am this morning, those of us still in bed heard Alice shout "dolphins!"  We jumped out of bed and ran up onto the foredeck, to see four spotted dolpins playing at the bow.  During Amanda's night watch she heard whales blowing behind the boat - they had swum up from behind.
For breakfast we had fruit salad:
Amanda, Alice and Pip making fruit salad
This is partly because the fruit we bought at the market does not seem to be lasting well and we have already had to throw away quite a lot because they were mouldy.
We started the day with a lovely NE 3 and had the spinnaker up. 
Stressed out Deacons
Alice has had a good chat with Emily from Blase over the VHF - she is getting quite an expert at saying "over" and all the other rules of radio operation.  Emily said that they have caught two dolphin fish and also had two get away.  They heard a large whale last night too.
The wind has now died to nothing - the boat is gently rocking in the waves with the spinnaker just hanging there.  We have the generator running and are making water, while we wait to see what happens with the wind.  Amanda and Juliet have just made cheese scones with the children, which are going down very well.  The photo above shows that Charlie is regrowing his beard (regaining what Alice and Pip call his "Hagrid" look).