Schleimünde 54:40.393N 010:01.972E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 20 May 2019 18:07
Monday 20 May 2019. Engine Hours - 0.7. 45 minute trip. 

After 2 lazy days at anchor and a fog bank denser than cheese sauce we decided to motor back to the mouth of the Schlei and try and get a spot in the tiny but very cute harbour there with the stripy green and white lighthouse. On Saturday when we came past it was mobbed with weekend sailors but being Monday with many (younger) people back at work there were only 4 boats left.

The harbour is on the end of a narrow curved spit with a sandy beach on the seaward side and we looked forward to a long walk. Boots on and ashore we go only to find we are ’trapped’ on the point with access to the beach and spit fenced off due to the nesting season. The tiny cafe is boarded up, fog on the seaward side so thick you can’t see 100m to the lighthouse and we have already deposited our 25 euro fee into the honesty box for dues. 

Oh well, better lay down and read books which we did until 2 square riggers arrived bringing teenagers from Kiel. They livened the place up, the boys swimming in the harbour - the girls running off with the towels and clothes so a chase ensued etc. We chatted with the teachers and found out that a few pairs of cranes now nest in north east Germany rather than just migrate through. 

Looking down the Schlei. You can go 20nm inland to Schleswig.

Pelagia far left in a quiet Schleimünde. 2 charter boats on the outside with school kids from Kiel and their teachers on a sail training trip, disturbing the peace and quite somewhat.