At Sea: Eastbourne 50:44.9N 000:20.3E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 30 Apr 2014 04:25
29th April 2014 0525h. Wind nil, Thick fog with less than 50m visibility. 

Paul hit a fog bank 3½ hours ago with 50m visibility and we have both been on deck since watching but more importantly listening for engine noises. 

The plan was to enter Eastbourne marina for a few hours to get fuel and a bit of rest but with the fog this could be tricky especially as we will be getting there at low tide. Spoke to the harbourmaster and they are currently dredging the channel and have therefore removed the buoyage. Limited visibility, low tide, rocks near the entrance and no buoyage, clearly not an option… onwards.

We’re now east of the Greenwich meridian.