Arrival: Kalmar 56:39.636N 016:22.032E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 2 Jul 2014 17:46
Wednesday 2nd July. Wind SW F5, Sunny start but then thunder and lightning, 28nm.

We were parked next to in the middle of the night but wanted to leave on time so had to wake the neighbours to move away. Set off in sunshine in light airs and put up the cruising chute. Dark clouds were looming behind us and could see the lightning. We talked through the lowering of the chute procedure as we no longer have a sock on it. Decided to wait until the gusts reached 20kts but the wind came sooner than we thought and had to man-handle her down in well over 20kts. The wet cruising now resides in the forward head shower waiting for sunshine to dry her.

The thunder and lighting and heavy downpours stayed with us all the way to Kalmar.

The smaller boats were struggling to make way but if you only have a few weeks holiday you can’t let a bit of rain and wind stop you.