Køge, 55:28.173N 012:11.840E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 18 Jun 2014 18:08
Wednesday 18th June, Fresh westerly breeze F4 occasionally F5, more blazing sun.

We had been intending to head to Copenhagen from Klintholm but we couldn’t get booked into the city centre Christianshavn canal until Friday night so we stayed 2 nights in Køge. The marina is massive and it seems all 600+ boats are permanent rather than visitors so there was nowhere obvious for us. There was only one space we could fit and it was on a tiny hammerhead between 4 poles which we found out later was a catamaran spot. Happily he was away for a few days. The poles were 7m apart, we are 4.2m, so there was much jigging around with engine and bowthruster to secure lines to these poles. There is a huge port development project going on in the marina so there were piles of dirt and stone and huge machines. The commercial port which is a mile to the south is being expanded so the whole area is work in progress. 

Because we had 2 days in Køge we decided to take the train to Roskilde to visit the Vikings Museum. The main attraction here is the raising in 1962 and preservation of 5 boats dating from 1100. The boats had been scuttled across one of the channels on the Roskilde fiord. Each of the boats has now been copied exactly using vikings shipbuilding methods. The largest replica, thought to be a warship, sailed (and rowed when no wind) to Dublin in 2007 and back again to Roskilde in 2008 with some 60 crew onboard. Mightily impressive project. It went to Dublin because the timber used to build the original was found to have grown in the Dublin area. There was a big Viking settlement there at that time…didn’t know that.
Our first box experience. We don’t like them but that’s probably because we’re no good getting in them… maybe by the end of the summer we'll get to appreciate them. 

The copy of the warship - we photographed their photo display