Reine 67:56.097N 013:05.099E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 1 Jul 2015 17:15
Wednesday 1 July 2015. Motored the short distance of 4.3nm along the coast to Reine. Only 90 minutes. 

We dragged ourselves away from Sørvågen after a couple of lazy days involving …..shock horror…..sunbathing. Yes indeed, if we could get low enough in the cockpit and cover all body parts not in full sun with a fleece or 2 then it felt like sunbathing. After a full day there was no hint of sunburn so it’s like the sun is set on ‘low’ Sarah says. 

Reine is a round shaped fjord surrounded by spectacular mountains (we’ve seen photos) and it features in the Lofoten publicity shots regularly. It’s ok but we have been to nicer spots. The guest harbour is tiny with a 35’ limit and so we had to moor at the grotty large boat pontoon which is nearby but accessed through a broken down fish factory or by climbing over the fence/waste land. The Norwegian neighbours were very excited about the live TV broadcast on Wednesday evening from an ex-Hurtigrutan ferry moored nearby upon which a soap takes place everyday - Eastenders Afloat by the sound of it. There was a big gathering of campervans and locals for the occasion and a couple of yachts sailed back and forward behind the ship waving so no doubt their relatives were glued to the TV at home.

It’s possible our opinion of Reine was affected by the low cloud and very heavy rain. We would have liked to take the ferry into the huge 3 bay Kjerkfjord but the weather was just too bad. Access is under an 18m bridge and we need 21m so even at low water we still couldn’t fit.  


Reine, not our favourite.