Flemhudder See. 54:20.329N 009:57.850E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 28 May 2017 19:00
Sunday 28th May 2017. 33.7nm, 7.2 Engine Hours. Temp 16-24°C.

We woke to a grey sky, fairly chilly,   We had told our neighbours that we wanted to leave at 9am, but at 8.45 there was no sign of life on their boat.  Thankfully they appeared on deck at 8.55 and we left the marina as planned at 9am.  Janice did overdo the clobber resembling Ranulph Fiennes for the first hour, but as the grey changed to blue and the sun came out, she became more sensibly attired.  Unfortunately this resulted in an over exposure, maybe she should have kept the clobber on.  

The cargo ships were enormous, and there were a lot of them towering over us as they powered past.  Frans ignored all the red lights we came across insisting they were only meant for the big boats and we settled at anchor in the Flemhudder See at 4.15pm.  The lake was an oasis of tranquillity yet only 100 yards from the canal.  It was roasting hot and with Sarah safely under her bright orange, UV factor 50 protective brolly, Champagne and canapés were produced from nowhere, naked sunbathers and swimmers on the adjacent boats, more South of France than North of Germany.

Countryside along the canal.

Half way along the canal pilots are being swapped… makes logistical sense.

Taking in the rays.

Passing area, as there’s strictly one way traffic for the big ones.

Yep, that’s big and close.

Champagne on arrival in Flemhudder See.