Leknesjøen 68:08.053N 013:36.766E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 6 Jul 2015 17:17
Monday 6 July 2015. 13nm. 1.8 engine hours. 

All perishable foods exhausted we chose Leknesjøen for it’s proximity to the town of Leknes where we could stock up again. The guest pontoon is smaller than Pelagia but one side was vacant so we got moored on despite the strong wind blowing us off. A french boat we had met in Nusfjord came next to us and it took all 4 of us to moor them on due to the wind. Frans used the electric winch to pull their stern in when after the 3rd attempt we finally got their lines attached to Pelagia. We were wondering why they tried so hard to stay here - the Peugeot garage in town stocks a critical ‘glow plug’ they need to replace on their engine. Without that they’d be tied to the side of us for a very long time…..no pontoon length to move then even if pulling a 15 tonne aluminium boat was an option.

Together with our neighbours Phillipe and Dominique we took a taxi to the viking museum at Borg. In the 1980’s a farmer discovered glass beads and French pot shards when ploughing. Archaeologists from all over Scandinavia worked on the site and eventually the base of an 83m Viking Chieftain’s house was revealed. A full replica has been built alongside to house the museum and we had an interesting trip. 

We are hoping the winds abate so we can head up the Nappsstraumen to the north side of the islands and watch the midnight sun before it starts dropping below the horizon again in about a weeks time.

Our little pontoon for a couple of days
Viking house.