Middelharnis 51:45.725N 004:10.166E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 3 May 2014 20:15
3rd May 2014, Wind northerly force 3 to 4, Clear skies.

After a couple of days in Zierikzee recharging the batteries (read alcohol) it was time to get Pelagia to her final destination. Decided to stop-over in Middelharnis, a picturesque little village close to where we needed to enter the North Sea again. The trip took a bit longer than I thought as I didn’t plan it properly and underestimated the distance. Lock and bridge operations also slowed the journey down. We arrived in Middleharnis at 2100h, quickly moored up and ran for the nearest restaurant still in our sailing clobber. The restaurant proved to be very good, “the best meal I’ve had in a long time” Paul stated.
A little worst for wear the next day, we agreed to stay an extra day to sample some more of the local goods.


Paul looking for his favourite liqueur with already plenty of Dutch courage.