Klokkergården, Rødøya 66:39.928N 013:03.417E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Fri 19 Jun 2015 20:32
Friday 19th June 2015. N, NE up to 5. Dry and warm with sun from the south warming us in the cockpit shelter. 55.4nm in 10 hours. 8.6 engine hours. 

Captain made an early start at 0820 (Sarah still in her bunk) as very excited to reach the Arctic Circle today. Motoring again over flat sheltered water. Texting back and forward with our nephew Jonny Lister to congratulate him on his fine achievement of an honours degree in Chemistry from York University. We mentioned we were under sail (wind arrived just in time as motoring over would be cheating) and about to cross the Arctic Circle and Jonny advised he was on a bus in Tadcaster….we swopped photos using the excellent 3G mobile phone network out here and by a close margin our scenery is better! 

Headed to the pontoons at the Klokkergården guesthouse and restaurant where we dined on halibut and saw the most boats together since leaving Ålesund. All are headed to the Lofotens.

The scenery keeps amazing us.

Celebrating passing the Arctic Circle with Arctic beer.