Gairlochy 56:54.883N 004:59.417W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 8 Sep 2013 17:44
8 September 2013

Fort Augustus and Loch Ness were spectacular this morning as the warm sunshine cleared the mist. Still no sign of Nessy though. The scenery was different today with narrower stretches of canal through woodlands and the delightful smaller lochs of Oich and then Lochy (someone must have spent considerable time thinking that one up) interspersed with locks and bridges. At lunchtime we anchored by the Invergarry Castle ruins on Loch Oich. This loch is much shallower than the others and we wondered if maybe it is a flooded valley. 

Sarah was called up from below by the crew shrieks of 'naked man' so she promptly emerged and grabbed the binoculars thinking they were joking. Not so, a russian tourist had stripped off for a swim on the bank nearby so the binoculars were not required. His young lady partner kept her undergarments on to Frans and Jonny's disgust - very wise.  

Gairlochy has only a campsite and a couple of houses so the crew were captive and could be force fed 3 tins of ham for their tea. Only 12 left now (tins not crew).

Loch Ness in the morning:


Get it right Jonny you're being watched:


At Anchor in Loch Oich