Eastbourne Marina 50:47.704N 0:19.777E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 25 Apr 2011 11:00
N Force 4 on departure. Generally light wind on the way. Low visibility near portland and Wight. NE 4 on arrival.

Chris did the provisioning and we were ready to go at 8pm. Very dodgy departure with little astern propulsion. Soon out in open water though and a bit anxious as we knew we  couldn’t risk going in anywhere en route as it was one of the busiest sailing long weekends of the year and we had manouvering issues. Sarah was sick later on and went to bed. Chris stayed up to about 12 in her new sailing jacket, wellies and 2 pairs trousers but it was a chilly night. Frans to the sofa about 6am and the girls took her across Lyme Bay. Chris struggling to stay awake and Frans soon back on duty as  Sarah was still feeling sick and had a bad stomach. Frans heated our first passage meal of the chicken stew and tinned spuds which was enjoyed from the pound shop dishes. Stayed out of the Solent and pressed on through the night and early morning when low visibility and big traffic meant Sarah had to get up and assist. Sarah back on the sofa by 8am and Chris took over and crewed into the lock at Eastbourne with Frans. Harbourmaster very helpful and came behind in a rib to push us into finger berth but he was not needed. Within the hour Chris was showered and changed and off on the train to Jennifer in the big city. We went to bed and slept for 12 hours. 

Isle of Wight in the background