Arrival: east of Ekö at anchor 57:19.480N 016:34.805E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 5 Jul 2014 15:33
Saturday 5 July 2014. NE2 sunny. 12nm. 1.2 engine hours.

Gentle trip at low speed, wind on the nose mostly. Tacking not always possible in the narrow channels. Squeezed our way into the lagoon like area between Ekö and Treklubborna and anchored in 2.8m about 40m off Treklubborna. Rocks all around but as there is no tide at least they don’t submerge and appear again. The water level can change by about 30cm though and this is caused by the wind pushing the water around the Baltic basin.

A lovely spot with only 2 families in sight picnicking on the rocks from motor boats. Frans found a fire pit on Treklubborna and we had a BBQ in the tree clearing on top of the island. The outboard started straightaway so Frans was off exploring and swimming. The water is brackish and dark with poor visibility even here in 2+ meters. We lost the lens cap and a bungy cord which both sank and could not be recovered by Frans diving down to the bottom. 

Stayed all day Sunday with the weather continuing to be delightful. Just right sitting under the shade with the spray hood open so the breeze blows through. Frans was able to help a German canoeist (Robinson Crusoe lookalike) from Pelagia’s extensive stores as he needed some nuts and bolts for his 1950’s folding canoe. We had seen him earlier walking around the shallows with only his hat on, he eats berries and mushrooms along the way he told us. 

Another British boat arrived in the lagoon and there was a loud bang when they hit a rock and were stuck for a little while. We could see black smoke from their engine as they revved hard astern and the crew all stood in the pulpit to get her moving again. They anchored up and did not seems at all alarmed or keen to inspect their keel - maybe it happens all the time.