Hjartøya 66:00.327N 012:24.340E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 18 Jun 2015 21:08
Thursday 18th June 2015. N and NE up to 2. Sunny. 60.4nm (yes we are not allowed to stop short of another degree of latitude further north) in 11 hours. 10.3 engine hours. 

The sea temperature went up from 8C to 11C and then back to 9C but going up not down. Warm in the sun for most of the day. We had a good view of the Seven Sisters mountains today. From the south, west and finally north to we’ve maxed out on that view. 

We’ve been out 11 days from Tesco’s Lerwick now and Frans had the last of the amazing ‘long life’ bread they sell there for lunch - cold as the sun is shining. Sarah was eating the last of the salad, which had also kept well due to the low temperatures, when we came under the bridge at Brønnøysund and saw a Co-op Mega with pontoons in front of it. Wow that’s handy. We moored up with just one line fore and aft as there was no wind and made a sprint for the store. On glancing back Frans noticed that we still had the main sail up - duh!! How embarrassing. You never moor up with the sails hoisted as clearly bad things can happen if any wind at all arrives. There were  no other sailors present to see us and we hope the motor boaters watching know nothing about sails. 

Great shop and so convenient. Pelagia was closer to the shop than the car usually is in Ruthin Tesco.

Many of the rocks are marked by metal stakes and we passed by one occupied by a Sea Eagle. He was in no hurry to move and so we drove right up to him for a closer look. They must be used to marine traffic and just ignore the boats.

Another long day and so to anchor. The spot chosen was like a rock pool with a tiny entrance reached by a spiral track, very exciting. We had 360 degrees of mountain view and in shelter could eat outside for the first time this summer. No more eagles tonight but happy to watch a pair each of Curlews and Oyster-catchers on the rocks at low tide. Reluctant to leave the bright sunshine at 2230 but we hope for an early start to press on and enter the Arctic tomorrow.

Boat park.

…I did a double take… surely not!

…and yes it’s an Eagle… but which one!

…we’re not 100% sure but think Golden Eagle and not Sea Eagle.

…and in flight. 

Follow our track (the black line).

At anchor enjoying a bit of bubbly and the Seven Sisters in the background