Mjosundet 63:13.597N 008:30.246E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 1 Aug 2015 15:09
Saturday 1st August 2015. NE and E2, sunny. 27nm mostly with the cruising chute. 2.7 engine hours. 

A balmy day cruising down the Trondheimsleia until the wind came around on the nose. We headed inland, for a change from our passage route north, travelling south east through Auresundet past very grand summer houses with private moorings in these sheltered waters. Ignoring the massive dry dock and service cranes we stopped in the tiny marina at Mjosundet pulling alongside at the ‘Gjestebrygge’ sign.  Despite being a guest boat the restaurant owner told us we had to move as we were too big (rather personal we thought). This swung the unofficial harbour master into action (Norwegian power boater who says he likes to help everyone) and he arranged for a power boat to move so space for us became free. We had to stay then of course and it was lovely to people watch from the restaurant serving Turkish kebabs and pizza. The power boaters all took turns at the communal BBQ and stayed up late enjoying the evening - no doubt mindful of the very wet Sunday imminent. This was probably the last day of summer! 

Yesterday we had anchored again at Røstøya having passaged 44.5nm into headwinds thus 7.8 hours of motoring. At times the SW wind was gusting 6 and it was a squally wet day particularly horrid across the fjord entrance leading up to Trondheim. We tried to moor at Magerøy gjestgiveri but the pontoon was full and the anchor wouldn’t set well enough so we moved to the next island south, Røstøya, as we needed good shelter from the strong winds. After leaving the anchorage we saw a pontoon on the east side of the island at 63:26.885N 008:56.970E giving access ashore to this lovely nature reserve. Noted for our next trip!

Some fish farm operation going on we don’t understand… mussels?

Wished we’d seen this last night.

Mjosundet guest marina.