Kiel Canal, Germany 53:53:74N 009:08.82E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 26 Jul 2017 11:52
Monday 13 May 2019. 
Distance: 175nm. 
Journey Time: 25.5Hrs. 
Engine: 3.3Hrs
Weather: Northerly force 3 increasing to North Westerly force 5. Partial Cloud. 
Wind was forecast to turn east and since we are heading east into the German Bight we were keen to leave or else have to spend possible a week on Terschelling at €47 per night. 
Due to the funnel effect winds in The German Bight tend to be quite strong. A favourable forecast should be taken whenever possible. 
After Frans watched the Spanish Grand Prix with his Mum and Dad we left our moorings at Terschelling at 18:20h. 

A Dutch Brigantine on the Elbe, outbound.