Grindebacken, Sweden 58:09.242N 011:23.439E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 19 Jul 2017 17:00
Wednesday 19 July 2017. 21nm. Easterly Force 2. 5 engine hours. 

We made an early start to enjoy this very scenic part of Sweden with fewer boats around us. The town of Hunnebostrand was interesting as they have added sculptures to the rocky cliffs above the town and have developed a beach area with diving platforms. There were several elderly residents out in candlewick dressing gowns on one of the swimming decks and each proceeded to take a morning dip au naturel. It looked to be a very social occasion and those Swedes must be tough as it only 8am and still chilly and misty.  It was lovely to see the Sotekanalen again (this time without the rain) in the bright sunshine and we sought an anchorage by lunchtime to sit in the sun (and so Frans could clean the hull) as the forecast for the next week is rather ghastly with temperatures dropping by 10 degrees.

Hunnebostrand’s cliff and sculptures. 

Into the Sotekanalen.

And out the other end.

We pulled up some sea grass with the anchor and this goose was delighted to eat it like spaghetti.