Nikøyna, Bulandet islands community 61:17.1 22N 004:37.994E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 9 Jun 2015 01:00
Tuesday 9th June 2015. NW 4-5 Sunday evening through Monday lunchtime dropping (with the wave height from 3m to 1m) to F2 then very light and variable. Sunny in the afternoon and no rain on passage. 29 hours, 190.3nm, 13.3 engine hours mostly motor sailing. Minimum outside temperature 7.5°C, Water temp 8°C.

On Saturday night strong winds hit Shetland again and so we had to wait until these reduced on Sunday before we could set off. This was due to the wave height rather than the wind strength. As we were rafted 3 deep we agreed to depart at 2100 together with our Norwegian neighbours who were headed home. They had been eating lobster every day as they were about 20% of the Norwegian price. Our other Norwegian neighbours who had come from Inverness and Wick (yachts Shiraz and Fri) had to get fuel on Monday so they couldn’t leave until morning. 

We had a fast but bumpy rolly ride through the night maintaining 7kts until about 0430 when Frans could go to bed. We passed lots of gas platforms and their attendant guard vessels. One called us up on the radio to make sure we would exceed the half a mile berth rule. Even if we had rammed the platform they wouldn’t have felt it but they must be pretty bored working on the guard vessel so chatting to passing yachts may be a highlight. 

Land Ahoy was noted some 40nm off shore and dramatic snowy peaks stretched north into the distance. Sunset and sunrise share the same coloured sky as the pink and yellow light of sunset stays and becomes sunrise. As we were motoring and it was early morning again we chose a guest harbour described in the book as ‘next to the fish processing plant’ as we thought there was a good chance there would be space to moor. Indeed there was and we were happy to moor up and get to sleep after celebratory toasties and beer. No faffing about with codes for the electricity here - just plug in and get the fan heater on. 

Norwegian, Swedes, Danes, Dutch and Swiss… oh and 1 Brit all using Lerwick as a jump off point to Scandinavia or Faroes.

Past half way to Norway the wind dropped and the sun came out… clothes explosion in the cockpit as several layers came off… Frans bare chested and Sarah with a mere 3 layers.

Norway! The flash reflected on the clothing makes it look dark but it wasn’t.