Arrival: Kuggö at anchor 57:11.022N 016 :28.991E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Fri 4 Jul 2014 15:14
Friday 4 July 2014. SW 3-4 sunny. 34.4nm. 0.9 engine hours.

Fuelled up in Kalmar and joined the crowd of boats heading north to the archipelagos. We were able to sail at 5+ knots and dry the chute at the same time. We had plenty to see today. The former Dämman lighthouse is now a swanky hotel complete with helipad. Lloyd’s of London paid for the construction in 1864 as they were suffering heavy losses for ships wrecked on the shoals. 

The wood pulp plant is less attractive but interesting to see where Ikea probably get all those wood chips for their furniture.

We bought several large scale Swedish charts and a pilot book in Kalmar so we were looking for a good anchorage with shelter from the forecast easterly. As the archipelagos have not quite started yet there was only one in the book but the access channel was too shallow at 1.6m. We found our own quite easily though a short distance from the fairway - there are ‘fairway’ buoyed channels through many of the archipelagos. The rocky islands are not just above the water of course and it seems the charting is not that detailed. The pilot book authors actually engage cartographers to survey and produce chartlets for the book which you can then use for pilotage.

During the evening we heard a ‘barking’ sound we recognised from Scotland last year - it was herons - about 30 of them above the trees where we assume they are nesting. It is unusual to see so many together as we thought they were solitary birds.

Dämman lighthouse now a Hotel:


Ikea plant we think: