Henningsvær 68:09.053N 14:12.064E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Fri 10 Jul 2015 07:56
Friday 10th July 2015. 25.6nm, 2.1 engine hours. N3.  Location: ⭐️⭐️

We dragged ourselves away from the idyllic anchorage of Borgvær and sailed through the skerries along the north coast of Vestvågøya and around Gimsøy island as we cannot get under the bridge between these two islands. Due to the tidal currents we had to arrive at the north end of the Gimsøystraum at 1100 so as not to encounter any adverse sea state. Because the winds were so light it did not matter that we were a little early. The weather changes so quickly here in Lofoten that you cannot take any chances and have to check the tide in case you suddenly get adverse wind direction. Tidal height varies between 1 and 2.5 metres and so we are checking it whenever we anchor so we don’t run out of water. 

The sail down the Gimsøystraum was lovely with mountains on both sides as we headed south and on to Henningsvær. This little town is built on two parallel islands with a guest pontoon against the breakwater closing one end of the harbour. As we were 'stern to' the breakwater it was very hot as the wind couldn’t get us. First ice cream of the season and Frans had to jog back from the shop or eat them both. 

Henningsvær is the site of the ancient town of Vågan which was the cultural, trading, and economic centre of northern Norway until the 14th Century. It was wiped out by the Black Death and there’s nothing left of it’s glorious past now. It’s popular with power and sail boats though as it does have a few shops and at least two restaurants which here in Lofoten is a ‘big’ place (500 inhabitants).  


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