Rum, Loch Scresort 57:00.833N 006:16.133W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 15 Jul 2013 20:18
Monday 15 July 2013.  Wind SW Force 6, Drizzle, Visibility: barely. Stayed until Thursday 18 July. Cheap as no facilities on shore.

Decided to leave Mallaig on Monday afternoon although the weather was ropey. Too many restaurants for fish and chips. Getting fuel was an experience as we had to go into the fishing harbour and tie up against a high wall where the only tie point was the slimey ladder Frans had to shimmy up and down. On arrival at the fuel wall you have to call the chandlers and a man in a van comes down the quay and laughs that you only need 100 to 150 litres and the size of your fuel intake in inadequate as he would like to dispense at trawler speed and sell you 3000 litres - no wonder fish is so expensive. A fishing vessel arrived as we were fuelling and was impatient to get in his spot driving at us, big bully. 

Anchored in Loch Scresort which is on the east of Rum and the only anchorage. Just as well it is on the east as a blow was forecast for 2 days and we saw over 30 knots wind at anchor. Very bouncy but our anchor did well and as many as 20 boats sheltered there.  Due to the low cloud we didn't see the whole loch at any time just glimpses of various bits through the clouds and fog. Most of the excitement was other boats trying to get their anchors up. 

Ventured out in the dinghy to the shore and were mugged on arrival by biting insects before we could roll our trousers down and get the water shoes off. Undeterred we chose a trail along a mountain stream and hiked up to the view point. Saw lots of heather and tumbling waterfalls but no red deer. This whole island is owned by Scottish Heritage and Autumn Watch film the deer every year. Clearly they were hiding as we hadn't contacted their agent. 

Frans fitted new pipework to the generator but we haven't been able to test is yet as we need to prime the new fuel hoses first.

Loch Scresort from the misty view point, Pelagia is in there somewhere.