Ebeltoft, Denmark 56:13.168N 010:35.438E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 13 Jun 2017 17:00
Tuesday 13 June 2017. 47nm. NW6. Average of just under 7 knots - fast! Dry all afternoon throughout our 6.75 hour passage. Water temp: 13C. Air temp 14-16C. Just one engine hour - getting out of Bogense harbour and anchoring only. 

Today we saw the fastest boat we have ever seen. The ferry from Århus (Denmark’s second largest city which is on the mainland east coast of Jutland) to Odden which is close to Copehagen passed right in front of us doing 41.7 knots. When we saw it in the distance we thought it was an island and then it was right next to us increasing it’s speed from 39 to 41.7 to pass in from of us.

Sarah didn’t fancy a long overnight passage to Sweden after her further dental treatment yesterday so we headed as far north as we could on the Danish mainland based on wind direction and shelter for anchoring. A strong westerly was expected so the anchorage was carefully selected and meant we had to head deep into the Ebeltoft bay and add a good hour each way to our passage. The chart showed there were moorings but when we got there the single buoy was occupied by a British yacht so we anchored.