Arrival: Peterhead 57:30.376N 001:46.219W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 16 Aug 2014 04:15
Saturday 16th August 2014. Wind North backing Northwesterly then West and finally Southwest F5/6, partially overcast, virtually no rain. 249.2nm completed in 37 hours - an excellent average of 6.7 knots. 5.9 engine hours.

Departed Ystabøhamn in a hurry at 1715 on Thursday evening. The sky cleared and overnight there was light from the moon and a large shooting star that exploded like a fireworks which may have been part of Perseid meteor shower. The wind held steady at force 5 through the night so we made good speed at the expense of comfort pitching and rolling with the waves in 2-3 meter seas. Due to the south westerly forecast for Saturday we could not pay any regard to comfort as that would mean slowing down. 

The wind dropped in the morning which was handy as Sarah could then stand watch so Frans could get a few hours sleep on and off. We passed as many as 15 gas platforms and most had several support vessels nearby so the sea never seemed ‘ empty’. The Norwegians are so nice to their offshore workers that the rigs had mobile phone masts. This was a surprise as it meant we could get the weather and Ma could ’see’ Frans’ phone using her ‘Find Friends’ app. 

We were lucky that we only some light rain. Long passages seem much more difficult when wet and cold are added to tired. In the afternoon the wind backed Northwest as expected and then West by 2300 and Southwesterly from 0100 reaching 15knots by the time arrived at 0515. We could have sailed all the way but as the wind was expected to increase to a force 7 we didn’t want to risk having to tack after a long passage. 

The Harbour Master made us wait in the fishing harbour until 0900 when we could speak to the marina staff. When we moved across the bay they directed us to park next to Tulla Mhor! Very funny and it did give Frans and Dugald the opportunity to inspect the dingy together. The damage is in an awkward place but we hope it can be repaired quickly. Without the dingy we would not be able to go ashore from anchor and we may be sailing for another 4 weeks when we return to Peterhead having been home for Mum’s Birthday. 

There was a yellow hulled boat in the marina and we recognised it as Skua who had been our companion for a few weeks last year in the Hebrides, Fair Isle and Shetland. It was great to catch up with Cor and Henna, they had arrived today as well having used the weather window to passage south from Lerwick. They have been in the Shetlands for 6 weeks and will have to wait out this latest bad spell before they can get home to Holland.

As luck would have it the marina’s annual BBQ party was today which allowed us to talk to the other boaters… Polish students on their way to Bergen in what seemed like a barely seaworthy steel 42’ ketch, more Dutch on their annual sailing holiday, a J boat belonging to the Navy which was taking part in the round Britain race and had “survived” Bertha’s storm force winds only to have the forestay give way in lighter winds. Luckily the mast stayed up and they we’re now getting the boat ready to go back home.

Peterhead… another milestone as this was actually our longest passage together without sight of land.


Peterhead on the way from Inner Harbour to Marina, in my defence I only had 2 hours and am still sleep deprived


A summer’s day in Peterhead: