Akerøy, Norway 59:03.074N 010:53.397E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 19 Jun 2017 17:00
Monday 19 June 2017. 32nm. 0.7 engine hours. 5.5 hour passage in sunshine. NNW3 and later SW5. 

Akerøy island is within the Ytre Hvaler national park which covers hundreds of square miles and seeks to protect areas of coral and kelp forest as well as endangered plant species and bird breeding sites. The island is the kind of deserted place we like best and apart from the sheep we were quite alone. There is a cottage which is owned by the park (complete with 1950’s interior) and we had a good look through all the windows. Some days later we were speaking with a chap in Norway whilst in a queue and he had stayed at that cottage!

We had a BBQ on the tiny beach and when we moved about 6’ for more shelter the waiting gulls made a dash for the meat on the grill but Frans was clearly hungrier as he scared them off. We are scouting for good anchorages now as we are having our next visitors on Friday and hope to do the ‘deserted island’ BBQ evening. 

 We had anchored as close to shore as possible as northerly winds were expected overnight. When Frans got up at 2am to check the anchor the wind was northerly and we were very close to shore indeed and in only 3m of water. He stayed up until 6 to keep an eye on the depth and Sarah got her usual 8 hours+ of undisturbed sleep. 

Yes that hat and fleece have BBQ’d all over Scandinavia 

The sheep were not interested in Frans using the pit toilet