Sandspollen, Norway 59:40.065N 010:34.409E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 25 Jun 2017 17:00
Sunday 25 June 2017. SW4. 4 hours passage. 18.5nm. 2.3 engine hours. Blustery with scattered cloud. 

We were blown on quite hard in Horten marina and so Frans had to bow spring Pelagia off and reverse out. The marina had filled up on Saturday night due to the wind but luckily our power boat neighbour left before us offering us a little more room to get away. 

Travelling north we had a good view of both sides of the fiord with waterfront homes, magnificent swathes of pine forest and tiny beaches. The anchorage of Sandspollen has a narrow entrance which opens into a fully protected pool surrounded by trees and cliffs/rocks. It is only half a mile wide at the longest point and there are 4 little bays within it. There are tiny pontoons for power boats too small to carry anchors and a minuscule marina. Several groups of geese with goslings are entertaining as are the terns, oyster catcher and swans. 

Although it was choppy we did an exploratory circuit of the anchorage in the dingy to chose our BBQ spot and then returned to Pelagia to load up. Fully laden we set off in the rain and set up camp under some trees. The rain didn’t stay luckily and we were treated to a sunny evening in idyllic surroundings.  BBQ over we made a fire to keep warm and some Norwegian neighbours joined us for a drink. 

Jane & Steve with pre BBQ drinks.

The sun came out and Sarah (Health & Safety) found a watering can for our bonfire

The anchorage only a few boats… see our later blog when on a sunny Saturday 100+ boats are anchored here.