Arrival: Sjötorp, 58:50.200N 013:58 .666E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 27 Jul 2014 17:32
Sunday 27th July 2014. Sunny morning with the promise of clouds - yipee! 4.8nm. 2.2 engine hours.

A short day to our stop where Chris would get the early bus ( 3 buses and a train) to Gothenburg tomorrow. With all afternoon at leisure Chris got a bike to join her Dad in a 42 (land) mile trip. Sarah got her book and lay under the sun shade which for once was keeping the rain off. The downpours were quite local so Chris and Frans were not totally wet when they got back but they were plastered in tree pollen, sand and grit thrown up from the gravel paths and stuck to all that sweat and suntan lotion. Quite right dear reader, they were not allowed in the boat....straight in the canal with the soap first.

A good work out.

A selection of Akavit straight from the freezer.