Slida again 62:00.740N 005:12.144E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 4 Aug 2015 15:27
Tuesday 4th August 2015. 82.3nm motoring all the way for 12 hours! No wind, annoying wind from angles 90 thru 270 just light enough to flap the main sail, a mighty westerly force 5 on the nose around Stat headland and back to zero wind. 

Decided to motor as we need to passage south and the forecast is for strong southerlies in the days ahead - the stronger the headwind the more diesel we burn to motor into it. The day was lovely and warm with 20-22C we we haven’t seen since Sweden last summer. We saw our first Gannets since Scotland and had 3 Pomarine Skua’s chasing a Kittiwake round and round the boat. These are quite rare so it was a treat but not for the outnumbered gull. 

Frans checked the weather carefully for the mighty Stat headland and there was only a gentle swell as we approached at slack water. We kitted up in overalls and life jackets then had to strip off for the heat. An easy trip around but timely as the strengthening southerlies due may have made passage impossible or very uncomfortable in the days ahead.

After such a long day the galley slave was on strike so we walked to the south harbour to see if the cafe was open. It was indeed and so we had fish and chips with beer. It closes next weekend having opened at mid-summer, 23 June. It is a huge building, ex pickling shed, and stands over the water very attractively. The sole staff member told us it’s deserted now it’s August. How do these businesses survive we wonder with a season of 7 or 8 weeks. 

Pomarine Skua

Poor Kittiwake being harassed.

Pickling shed