Skei, Leka 65:05.329N 011:44.422E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 28 Jul 2015 20:00
Tuesday 28th July 2015. 24.6nm, S and SW3 so tacking and motoring. 3 engine hours. 

We returned to Leka to see the unusual rocks. This is the island which is an extension of the Caledonian range remember. The tiny harbour is charming with an information centre (unmanned of course) and very posh bikes to rent. The bike shed is also unmanned but the owner arrives to meet the ferry when he has a booking and then you just leave the bike when you are finished with it. 

The rocks are dramatic shades of yellow and burnt umber which change with the light through the day. Because the rocks come from deep in the oceanic crust they have very few nutrients hence the lack of vegetation. We cycled around the whole island which was a great day out and good exercise - no electric bikes in Norway. The mainland was blanketed in cloud but we enjoyed the views anyway.

Drinking tea in the cockpit we were otterly amazed to see a cub and it’s parent less than 50 yards away amongst the rocks of the breakwater. We have never seen otters in the wild so this was a real treat. 


This will go on the wall at home.

Puffins on the way back to their burrows with sand eels (probably) in their beaks.