Nordre Bjørnsund 62:53.638N 006:49.437E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 3 Aug 2015 15:02
Monday 3 August 2015. 57.8nm. No wind. 9.2 engine hours.

Hurray, the belting rain has stopped after 30 hours and it’s safe to head outside into the cockpit. A scenic morning west through Arsundfjord and into the city centre of Kristiansund. We moored in the municipal marina and did our grocery shopping as the perishables were exhausted by our rain enforced sofa day yesterday. Although Kristiansund is prettily situated on islands and was established in the 18th century, very little of it’s pre WW2 architecture remains so it’s bland and characterless. For ethnic balance please note the British had a go at flattening it as well - 1808. 

We hurried on and motored the whole of the exposed 30nm Hustadvika 'danger area’ as there was no danger today except the risk of sunburn. 

Nordre Bjørnsund was an unexpected treat. This fishing station was effectively closed by the state in 1970 when all 300 inhabitants were subsidised to move to the mainland. It’s very cute indeed now the cottages are restored as holiday homes and it must cost the state plenty to maintain the breakwaters and services so with the benefit of hindsight perhaps not a saving. No time to linger. A walk around on arrival was all we had time for. Amazed to see 2 teenage girls braving the water - well it has reached 13C today at times. 

Leaving Mjosundet through a narrow shallow passage... can you see any rocks dear!?