Troon 55:32.778N 004:40.602W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 12 Sep 2013 12:52
12 Sept 2013 S3/4/5 and gusting 6 approaching Troon, Very wet from above.

Departed Lock 7 at 0830 after the crew played hunt the lock handle up and down the canal first. Only 6 more pairs of gates to go. Quite wet today but we braved it outside along the canal to the sea lock at Ardrishaig by 1100 where we were rewarded by a sighting of 2 dolphins in the estuary. Lower Loch Fyne was very scenic but it didn't half rain so Arran was hidden by cloud as we pressed on towards Troon. Jonny was resting on the sofa and Sarah was keeping dry below, Sue was getting so wet she wore an old shower curtain as a wrap and Lucy could wring out her socks.  Approaching Troon we were side on to moderate seas and some of the crew were feeling less than perky.  Safe inside the marina it didn't help the bar had a 1970's disco ball with spinning lights flickering around the walls. Pete arrived about 9 and we had a good dinner. The marina ladies washroom is of note - flowers, very grand and a private bath..yes a bath. Never seen that before. Mooring fee was £10 because we only stayed less than 8 hours - a bargain indeed.

Following the experience of the afternoon all the temporary crew jumped ship and went home with Pete. Must be that soya porridge Sarah fed them this morning. Even Jonny went home despite being allowed to wear the spare macho sea boots. 

Into the Firth of Clyde leaving Ardrishaig behind