Silda island 62:00.729N 005:12.113E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 11 Jun 2015 15:00
Thursday 11th June 2015. S6 gusting 7 and then katabatic to a whopping 49kts or F9. No rain on passage as we waited until it stopped at 1300. 4 hours, 23.8nm, 1.8 engine hours.

Proper Norwegian sailing today along Frøysjøen which is a sound with high cliffs both sides and then a 270 degree turn around Hornelen which is a mighty 2700’ high and the highest sea cliff in Northern Europe. The top was in the clouds. We had a very small headsail hoisted and gybed as the wind dictated. Close attention to the water showed the surface was being lifted into spray at Hornelen and sure enough the wind speed increased from F6 to F9 in a few seconds. Another clue is when the cascading waterfalls caused by the snow melt are lifted from their tracks into the air. 

A short trip today as we need to wait south of the Stattlandet headland for favourable weather to go around. This cute little harbour on the north of Silda (tiny island of maybe a mile each way), recommended by Shiraz and Fri (yes they are still with us), even has a restaurant but that doesn’t open until 19th June. It is clear the season has not started yet and we are the only 3 visitor boats here.  

Statt has it’s own special weather forecast and together with our Norwegian neighbours we are watching it closely. They are going home to Alesund which is just north of Statt so they are familiar with it and giving us pilotage help. The headland forms the most westerly point of Norway and rises 1500’ above the sea - straight up and 12 miles wide. 

The wind may drop tomorrow evening but anyway it’s nice here. We have 180 degrees of mountain view as we can see a vista of snowy peaks above the welcome shelter of the breakwater.

Wind, rain and snow.