Inverness 57:27.118N 004:14.931W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 28 May 2015 07:39
Thursday 28th May 2015. S5-6, some sun and lots of rain. 7 hours, 25.5nm. 3.2 engine hours. With gusts up to 30kts it was no bother to sail across Loch Ness. Although there were plenty of showers the sun was strong when it did come out. Sarah hid downstairs mostly and made some broth with lamb, swede, leeks etc - not normal for the end of May but very welcome.

Although we made good time down the Muirtown Flight the lock keeper is not allowed to open the road bridge between 1630 and 1745 so we had to wait in the basin. Delighted to be in the marina with electricity for the fan heater as we were soaked through again. The forward heads is a handy drying cupboard with the fan heater blasting in and the hatch open a crack. Laundry on site and a 20 mins walk to town, Co-op next door it’s all good. 

Our neighbours have a robust voyager made of aluminium. Just as well as they have come from Antartica and are on their way to Norway and Svalbard (polar bear land!). Strong winds are coming so we will be here for several days. More time to get well and Chris may come and see us on Saturday as she is in Edinburgh with work. There are lots of outdoor action shops here which is just as well as Sarah is searching for pure wool thermals, she’s had 2 sets of normal thermals on so far under the foul weather gear but needs to be warmer.  Rather over stocked with shorts and T shirts on board this season. 

View to the snow capped hills of the Black Isle (it’s not an island and it’s not black?) 

Yes ice cubes AKA hail on deck

Sailing Loch Ness with guest appearance by the sun