Stubbekobing, island of Falster, Denmark 54:53.517N 012:02.659E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 16 Jun 2014 20:51
Monday 15 June 2014. W3 reducing to 2. Overcast bright and later sunny.

Slow but determined sailing east today. No anchorage possibilities and so we came into the fishing harbour of Stubbekobing. The marina boxes next door are too small so we have to make do with alongside the quay on manky tyres making us all black. We have a better view of the sunset though! Had a walk around town which is (as usual) deserted. There is a little supermarket and many attractive buildings but nothing was open at 6.30. The Chinese is only open at lunchtimes even on weekends - how do they make a living? Had a La Viella pasta dinner on board using the ingredients Ma gave us in Holland from her latest hamper - very tasty. 

Headed to Klintholm on Mons island tomorrow. The Danish version of the white cliffs of Dover! 

In with the big boats.