Arrival: Byxelkrok 57:19.680N 017:00.341E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 7 Jul 2014 15:15
Monday 7 July 2014. NE 1-2, sunny after a morning mist burnt off. 15nm. 1.3 engine hours.

Set off late morning to head north east following the shape of the coastline. With the wind on the nose our first long tack took us straight towards the north tip of Öland. The harbour of Byxelkrok (no Sue you can’t use this in Scrabble) had been recommended to us several times and so we just followed the wind until it disappeared and then motored straight in. July is the busy season for Swedish sailors and the harbour was packed but the harbour master directed us to squeeze bow too between other boats. The owners were on board both sides to manhandle us in and Frans certainly had an audience for our first 'bow too with stern buoy' scandinavian style mooring. All good and bow close to the quay without any problems as we have to climb on and off over the bow.

We will probably stay 2 nights as there is exploring by bike to be done.

Breath in: