Skei, East Leka 65:05.210N 011:44.002E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 17 Jun 2015 20:53
Wednesday 17th June 2015. N, NE and E 3-4. Warm in the sun so long as shielded from the chilly wind. 42.3nm in 7.5 hours. 5.7 engine hours. 

The adverse wind forecast has set in. Despite Frans’ principles we are motoring on. We are on target to reach the Arctic by midsummer’s day and will motor to meet that as it is will be very special indeed and quite a milestone in our sailing logbooks.

Yet again a delightful anchorage, deserted as usual. We see maybe one sailing boat a day, a few ferries, the trusty Hurtigruten on it’s coastal passage and a couple of fishing boats. That’s all. Where is everyone - this is a magnificent cruising ground. 

We decided on an early finish at 1630 as the sun was out and with blankets we could enjoy it. We also needed to bale the boat (again). Last year in April Frans took the boat to the Contest yard in Medemblik primarily to have the leak on the rudderstock fixed. It still leaks….about a bucket and half a day unless the water is flat calm. The water runs in under our bed and after the first bucket it overflows into the bilge under the prop shaft, then into the engine room to mix with oil and gunk and then forward to under the main cabin sole.  Our mattresses can’t really ventilate over a salt water bath and with the low temperatures it was a good idea to get all our bedding out in the sun for a while. 

Golden Eagle came to check us out… no not out of a book!

The Seven Sisters