Villa Havn Værsøya 64:32.782N 010:42 .549E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 16 Jun 2015 20:53
Tuesday 16th June 2015. W5 and 6, reducing to 3 later. Scattered cloud, hint of sun. Cold. 87.5nm in 13.25 hours. 2 engine hours. 

We roared along today in the strong wind. The outlook is for the wind to turn N or NE and this will set in on the nose for several days. With this in mind we sailed as long as we could and didn’t anchor until close to midnight. 

We are definitely in Northern Norway now and the grandeur of the scenery is breathtaking. Every way you look new vistas open up especially when sailing fast as these constantly change. 

The tiny island we chose to anchor at tonight has one of the first Norwegian lighthouses. It was built in 1839, coal fired, and one can visit it by collecting the key from a house nearby. We inspected the short landing stage but given the tidal drop of 2m and the decrepit state of the wooden piles we took the safe option of anchoring. The ‘sunsetrise’ was particularly spectacular and it was a shame to go to bed at 0130 as half the horizon was purple and the other brilliant orange.

Another unusual lighthouse.

We decided not to moor on to the landing stage when it was high water… good decision!