Borgvær 68:19.301N 13:47.434E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 9 Jul 2015 07:48
Thursday 9th July 2015. N3, 14nm, 3 engine hours. Location: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We continued our midnight sun adventure along the Atlantic (outside) of Vestvagøya. Many leisure craft don’t venture outside as there are only a couple of shallow harbours and no shelter should the winds pick up from the west or north. When the weather is not settled the seas break over the rocks and skerries but no problem today as we picked our way through the rocks keeping to the tiny channels marked by poles and cairns. 

Borgvær island is a nature reserve and we found out later that ‘no landing’ applies until 15 July so Frans was a bit premature with his midnight trip ashore to see the sun move sideways at 1am. The black backed gulls were not pleased to see him but he only stayed an hour. 

Barbie on deck (today she’s wearing a blue fleece)

Anchored in 2.4m which left only the height of a teapot under the keel... Sarah weren’t happy.

Wonderfull light

Taken at 1:03am lowest point was about 15 minutes later.
The sun moves virtually sideways through a very shallow arc never touching the horizon.
This also makes you more aware that the earth rotates.