Falsterbokanalens, Sweden 55:24.643N 012:55.980E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Tue 24 Jun 2014 17:59
Tuesday 24 June 2014, Wind Northerly F1-F3. Sunny. 

Up early to depart Copenhagen. Our neighbour had told us that the sightseeing boats started at 10am and our exit route was against the flow of their one way 'tour'. As they are about 6m wide it is impossible to pass them so this was a great tip-off.

Gentle sail out of the city and out into the Øresund, past the old Flak Foret defensive fort, one of a pair built to defend the city. We wanted to sail under the Øresund bridge and as we crept towards it at 3knots in light airs we sure had plenty of time to admire it.

Headed to Sweden for our first time. Chose the Falsterbokanalens marina as their website said they had a laundry - quite urgent after nearly 4 weeks of hot weather! In addition to the free washer and dryer ( included in the £20 or so marina fee which for 5 loads is a bargain) the marina has a charming little restaurant and is on a delightful west facing spot with woodlands and sandy beaches on this funny little boot shaped peninsula bit of Sweden on the lower point of the west coast. Frans explored on his bike and Sarah waited for the power cut to be over to continue the wash marathon.

Our first experience of Sweden was good, the restaurant staff were so friendly we stayed two nights. Great sunset spot.

Leaving Copenhagen. The marble church:


Øresund bridge:


We’ll try and keep the sunset photos to a minimum but this one is good enough we think:


Falsterbo beach: