Breskens marina 51:23.832N 003:34.184E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 16 Jun 2011 12:00
Light airs mainly. Rain from Calais on. Near Breskens heavy showers with gusts.

The Sargents arrived late afternoon on a glorious summer day and we enjoyed a curry evening in the marina. Got provisioned up in Asda (you’d think for the Atlantic) and Pete got £6 wellies whilst the fuel was polished and we set off at 2pm.  Threatening sky behind us as we headed on towards Dover. A lone dolphin alongside off Dungeness was a rare treat in the evening.  Heavy cloud and increasingly poor vis changed our passage plan and we crossed the traffic lanes well south of Godwin.  Relied on the radar and AIS to spot the ships and there was lots of shouting ‘A and what’ up and down the companionway as Sarah relayed up to Pete who relayed to the helm.  Would have been easier if they hadn’t had only one functioning ear each as the deaf side is always the wrong side of course.  The ladies went to bed - Lucy assumed her sofa position-  about 12 and Pete stayed up for about an hour before enjoying an 8 hour sleep. Ladies up again at 4.30 and Sarah managed to heat pasties but it was challenging to eat them before they soaked through with the force of the rain through the sprayhood. Rocking and rolling under motor along the coast, hourly obs, shadowing the shipping lane. At one point over 20 whoppers in view.  Lucy still not feeing well (off cup-a-soup for life) and so Pete roused before 9 to join acting Watch Leader Sarah.  Skipper popped his head up to see Pete and Sarah in charge and dressed immediately to take command! Foul squalls past Zeebrugge and Frans’s thoughts of going on to Roompot did not meet favour with the crew who were keen to reach Breskens so they could be dry and Lucy could leave the sofa. 

Upon arrival, boarded by Customs. Passport check. Check that the red diesel was in fact taxed, evidence was given through the fuel receipt showing a 40/60 tax split which seemed to be good enough. 
Evidence of VAT paid using the Customs declaration on the Laptop as we couldn’t find the original. They were not able to match it up to a number on the hull though. Later we noted the Contest plate on the engine control panel in the cockpit - in front of our eyes!
Headed into town about 9pm, bit late as mostly restaurants closing. Delighted to find a shwarma house so we could show off Dutch cuisine. 

Hope he's not coming on our pontoon!