Bogense, Fyn, Denmark 55:34.046N 010:04.903E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 5 Jun 2017 17:00
Monday 5 June 2017. 16nm. 0.6 engine hours.

Having waved our visitors off in Middelfart we soon arrived in the very old town of Bogense and got a good position in the old creek/narrow channel old harbour. There is a large marina but always prefer to be in a harbour if we can and the marina is mostly boxes which are bow to. The town is very smart with restaurants/cafes, a small hotel and a gallery redeveloped along one side of the old harbour in traditionally styled buildings. A town ‘beach’ for swimming is in use daily and as there is actual beach the decking and paved areas lead into the sea. There is a ramp and railings for wheelchair users, smart facilities and some big sand pits for children. 

The other side retains a fish processing plant, smoke house and fishermans cabins. A substantial Tourist Information office was right next to us so we had answers to all our questions and internet. They were open until 10pm and yet we only saw a handful of foreign visitors. 

The forecast South Westerly blow arrived and we doubled our lines to wait out the weather. We were blown off the quay, on purpose, as it is better for the hull not to be pressed against the pontoon or there is endless squeaking from the fenders. 

Having been to the dentist in Terschelling some weeks before (diagnosis - gum inflammation) Sarah’s toothache was no better and so off she went to see a Danish dentist. Got a bit of a shock when told ‘no wonder it hurts there’s a big hole’ and more so when it turned out to be cracked through and had to be pulled out. The adjacent tooth also had a big hole and it could not be filled until the extraction site healed so we knew we would be here in Bogense at least a week. 

Frans got his bike out for a short spin - 80kms. Later in the week when Sarah perked up we had 2 days out by bike of rather shorter duration. Good cycle paths and plenty to see along the fields and hedgerows. Poppies and cornflowers along the edge of the cereal crops and immaculate gardens around the timber framed and painted houses.

We took the bus to Odense one day to visit Den Fynske Landsby ‘The Funen Village’ which is an open air museum and working farm where 25 18th and 19th century buildings from around the island have been brought together. The Danish version of St Fagan’s in Cardiff and very interesting indeed. Traditional crops are grown and we even saw pigs for the first time in Denmark. Given how much pork Denmark produces it amuses us we have never seen any being farmed.

On Saturday Bogense held it’s annual festival day and numerous events took place around the harbour and town. The prawn peeling and fish filleting contests drew a large crowd and we enjoyed a jazz concert in the afternoon. Traditional wooden table style games were popular with all ages and all the events were free, even breakfast. 

Sunset at the end of the old harbour, yacht masts in the marina far left

Town church 

Funen Village - oak framed farmstead. The cob panels were replaced with brick when they became available 

Ridge post construction farm building originally 16th century

The farmsteads have four sides and a yard in the middle - very hard to photograph - this is a 360 degree phone shot

Town festival day

Marina on festival day - tall ship brought in especially