Falmouth 50:9.270N 5:3.943W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Fri 22 Apr 2011 14:00
We arrived 12 noon Easter Friday to take possession of our yacht. She was lying on an outside pontoon w/o services having been towed in. PYD were packed and itching to get away and we were glad to see the back of them and have the boat to ourselves, even though she was very dirty and the engine was not working. Managed to get Adrian Wattisname to come by 6pm and he cleaned gunk out the primary fuel filter and replaced connections loosened by PYD’s repair efforts. Moved from the outside to the inside of the pontoon as we were being blown on and we wanted to facilitate a morning getaway. Spent Saturday in the chandlers (£1000+), the pound shop and moving the fuel cans and PV panels etc to the car.