Kiel Canal at anchor in Flemhuder See 54:20.380N 009:57.859E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 7 Jun 2014 14:37
Saturday 7th June. Clear skies. Light wind.

Up at 0600 (well Frans was) after a 12+ hour sleep. A few more boats had joined us during the previous evening for their overnight stop. Anchor up around 0900. Enjoyed our gentle motor up the canal. Opened in 1895 by Kaiser Wilhelm to create direct access to the North Sea the 100km long canal has no locks other than at each end. It is spotless with mature trees and riverbanks creating idyllic fishing and leisure spots where rows of motorhomes are parked with views over the canal. The bridges are elegant (most date from early 19th century and have 40m clearance - very good), especially the combined rail and cable hung vehicle gondola at Rendsburg. Lazy day so now in an other designated peaceful anchorage…..time to bail out under the aft bed where the new packing in the rudder glad is not doing it’s job.

Male and female Egyptian Geese. Imported into Britain as ornamental from -guess?- ,escaped, bred and found their way into Holland and Germany.They have a large black spot on their belly. The flank is jade green.
Half way up the Kiel Canal, we think they swap over the pilots to reduce their traveling time.