Kalvåg, Frøya island 61:45.917N 004: 52.608E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 10 Jun 2015 16:57
Wednesday 10th June 2015. W 4-5, misty, foggy, raining and very cold. 7 hours, 41.9nm, 1 engine hour. Water temp gone up to 9°C despite all the melting snow running into it.

Today we start our passage north. When the wind is strong/adverse we will use the inner route (Indreleia) which weaves between the island and skerries where possible. This is marked on our paper overview chart but considerable care and focus is needed to match this up to the chart plotter and to helm the boat with great accuracy - just in case anyone thought we relaxed and ate chocolate all day. 

Many of the islands are high with sheer cliff faces and these create their own local winds which can be sudden, strong and change direction in a second. These are called katabatic wind. Frans is constantly watching the water ahead (and behind) for changes so long as the fog clears which it did to at least a mile visibility mostly. 

We were surprised to be called on the radio by yacht Shiraz. They were only a few miles behind us and so we met up in the harbour at Kalvåg. They had recommended this place to us in Lerwick and as the pontoons belong to the village restaurant we dined there on the day special of lobster soup followed by cod. When the sizeable bill was presented Frans’ charm managed to get the mooring fee, wi-fi and electricity included which made it less painful and he also got a night off from doing the dishes which is his least favourite boat task.

Prettiest lighthouse… in the world!

Our Norwegian neighbours had already left.

This restaurant took this months eating out budget.