Holyhead 53:19.182N 004:38.618W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 13 May 2015 07:40
Wednesday 13th May 2015. NW1, dry and cold. 10 hours due to the light airs and cruising chute tests, 35.1nm. 3.4 engine hours.

Time to leave Conwy and return to Holyhead where the summer rates are much cheaper. Brother-in-law Pete and nephew Joe joined Frans for the day and their muscles were needed three times to untangle the chute from the new Profurl. The chute is pleating in on itself in 2 or 3 places along the forestay and then will not unfurl. Untangling takes up to an hour and a half on deck and is very tedious. The whole point of the Profurl system is that the chute can be furled and unfurled from the cockpit. Our new system does not work and this will need to be taken up with the rigger in the weeks ahead.

Despite the aching arms from all that twisting the boys had a good day involving dolphins, porpoises and pasties. Sarah met the boat with cold beers and then drove them all home whilst they used the car as a mobile pub - spoilt or what.

Joe in charge whilst the oldies chat