Tønsberg, Norway 59:16.094N 010:24.131E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 22 Jun 2017 17:00
Thursday 22 June 2017. 10nm. 1.4 engine hours. N2. Overcast and a little chilly. 

We arrived in Tønsberg just after noon as we were anxious to get a place in the small guest harbour. No problem at all as there was plenty of space and the harbour was modern with good views of the hills to the west and over the water down the west side of Notterøy….until a very high sided power boat arrived and moored on the outside of the (empty) pontoon blocking our view. The neighbour got cross when passing power boats didn’t keep to the speed limit as they created a wake to rock his boat. He was busy with an air horn hooting at them and seemed to enjoy this as he could easily have moved inside the pontoon the purpose of which is to absorb some of the wash!

Tønsberg is the oldest recorded city in Scandinavia. Alfred the Great (English King) recorded this as 872 in his 9th century world history writing so it must be true. The city has major docks and industry but the guest marina is at the other end of town where the restored wooden harbour buildings are and viking ship replica’s are being built. 

Jane and Steve arrived on Friday to the station just as the rain started so we sheltered in the boat for lunch and catching up before braving a walk in the drizzle. As it was Friday and ‘holiday’ time beer o’clock came early but not before Sarah had cajoled the group around town and up the hill to the site of the medieval fortress above the marina. Like true Brits we sat in a waterside bar in the rain with knee blankets. 

Marina before it started raining 

It’s fine - they won’t hit each other or us